Isn’t it amazing that we could see a plant that has so much resemblance with a monkey’s face?

This is one nature that captivates its audience all over the world. It really does match the grinning face of a very small monkey. The scientific name of this very rare flower is Dracula Simia.

The name Dracula literally means “little dragon”, an allusion to the mythical Count Dracula, a lead character in numerous vampire novels and films. The name was applied to the orchid because of the blood-red color of several of the species, and because of the strange aspect of the long spurs of the sepals. While the Simia means Monkey in Latin.

The orchid was named in 1978 by the botanist Luer but is in a family containing over 120 species which are mostly found in Ecuador.  Up in the cloud mountains, the monkey orchid can flower at any…

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Like the song says,”Parent listen to your children,they are the leaders of tomorrow, try to pay their school fees and give them sound education”.

In the song above, it sounds like children are already pleading to their parents right from childhood for them to make their future great for them.

Indeed they are leaders of tomorrow because, the children of today are also the parents of their future, so in order to have a perspective great generation,the ichildren had pleaded.

To a very large extent we all know that children ,most especially from age 0-12 can barely handle things by themselves. at this stage their decision doesn’t count more-less their opinion.they are called KIDS then. Therefore every of their decision is being handled by their parents unknowingly to the child.

Children are gifts from God. They make the world grow bigger. They make it beautiful and hopeful. A child who is less than 12 cannot tell you What School to go, What cloths to match and fit, What food to eat, What time to wake up to wake up from sleep and all that. That’s why parents have a very important role to play in the life of a child.

Here are some ways to which you can help your child grow to become that great achiever you often dream of. Although they are linked to each other but dealt with separately.

KNOW YOUR CHILD: It is usually always very important for a parent to know their children right from child hood. Every child starts bringing out a trait of who he or she may likely become when he or she grows up starting from age 3. For example,a child that will be very wicked will start from, throw little things he or she finds around at you without even knowing what it is he or she is throwing. As Parents my advice is for you to now your child.Observe them. Know what they are capable of doing.

ASK THEM QUESTIONS: It is rather so painful to even know that this days parents don’t even care about what is going on with a child.All they know is that, the child is growing and that is it.Until a child posses some sickness symptoms that’s when you will see some parents running up and down to make sure their children are okay forget the part that you have failed to do. When ask your children questions about how they are, what is going on with them, what happened in their school, what kinda friend are they moving with, who and who did you talk to today and so on, it really helps your child grow so well and with right thinking. Remember i said earlier that my points are linked to each other. this second point relates with the first because it is only when you ask your children questions that you can know them.

LISTEN TO THEM: After asking your children question, please endeavour to listen to them. When you listen to them it makes them feel so happy and they talk more and from there you help you in grooming them.

SHOW THEM LOVE: Children love to be loved. All matter of children love to be loved. Show them so much love. Buy them gifts. Take them out. Let them know what is happening in the world. Tell them stories to make them want to become great. Tell  them stories about great achievers depending on their gender so that in their subconscious mind they will want to be like them and they will walk towards that. Don’t ever neglect them or make them feel neglected.

MAKE THEM YOUR FRIEND: Sometimes i say it is always good to make your immediate families your friend than the people you meet outside your family. Be your daughter’s best friend, be your son’s best friend.Talk to them like your buddy.Sometimes they have great ideas that can help you out of some situations, the only difference is that they are inexperienced. Don’t always make them feel they are children.