Wedding is one of the most important ceremonies in African Culture.  It is a communal bound between two people, usually male and female.  No doubt, many people see wedding ceremony as a thing of joy, a place to merry, to eat and drink but it goes beyond that.

Today, traditional African weddings are deing and are also becoming more like western weddings. This article will tell you few interesting facts you need to know about the riches and importance of African weddings.

Brides  in Africa are believed to have a very important role to play in marriages and because of this they are treated with maximum respect, thinking she is the link between the ancestors and the unborn.  They give birth to  powerful sons which will bring out the name of the family in their restricted society.
Women are mothers of civilization which earns them a high status in society, thus protecting women and children is a biological human instinct.


Most African grooms and his family usually goes to the the bride’s  village to seek for the bride’s  hand in marriage.  These can be done in different forms and manners , depending on the country. For example, countries like Nigeria and Ghana spice theirs with a little form of drama, by giving the bride’s  family the impression that they have a beautiful flower in their house that they need to pluck.


Bride’s  also don’t make herself visible at first because it is the work of the groom and his family to Labour and search for her first.  Some token can even be demanded for the search by the brides family from the groom.

Body tattooing is also common in some African weddings.  Tattooing and painting are used on the bride’s  body to enhance her beauty.  Few of these countries are Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan and Senegal.


Negotiations are often done by most African Countries during their wedding ceremonies, where the two families will agree on a particular amount of money or gift which could be a car, cow, house, land e.t. c,  before the groom’s family can take the bride away. These negotiation can also come in form of dowry too.
Places like Ethiopia includes house help money in there negotiation.


Music and dance is the most interesting part of the ceremony. African weddings are not complete without a traditional music and dance usually from the bride’s  family.  Seems the act of Westernization can never wipe these out of African weddings.  Nigerians are well known for these as well as South Africans, Zulu and many more.


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